Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Table of Contents and Introduction


As you read this and my other blogs you will hear my ideas and those of hundreds of other patriotic Americans who will outline the only ways to bring our country back from its knees and yes, PATRIOTIC AMERICANS can SAVE OUR REPUBLIC.

I currently have four blogs and from here you can visit any or all of my blog posts. Read the brief description of the contents and click on the highlighted word or words and you will be magically transported to the article. You may comment if you so desire.


1.   It could take one person a lifetime to track the Federal Reserve system and the international banking cartel. This is a good place to start. Get an OVERVIEW OF THE FED.

2.   The FED has destroyed our currency. See actual gold- and silver-backed paper money and compare it to worthless Federal Reserve Notes.

3.   Excerpts from Congressman Louis T. McFadden's 1934 speech exposing the CRIMINAL EMPIRE POSING AS THE FEDERAL RESERVE. This is a MUST READ!!

4.   Statement by F.D.R. advisor, "Col." Edward Mandell House, ON THE FED.

5.   The Federal Reserve - more EARLY HISTORY

6.   MORE ON THE FEDERAL RESERVE - Do we really need the Fed?

7. Putting MILLION, BILLION, TRILLION in perspective.

8. We can put a big dent in deficit spending by STOPPING FOREIGN AID.

9.  The United States is BANKRUPT.


1.  Obama wants to give America back to THE INDIANS.

2.  The TENTH AMENDMENT. This Amendment is the basis for Nullification and Secession.

3.  Our currency has been ruined by the Federal Reserve, Congress can't stop spending and every day the Federal Government become more intrusive into our personal lives. But are those and other ABUSES sufficient GROUNDS FOR SECESSION?


5.  The battle over Federalism and ANTI-FEDERALISM, NULLIFICATION and SECESSION continues to this day. Learn more here.

6.  Nullification and the EVENTS LEADING TO CIVIL WAR.

7. Modern-day NULLIFICATION BATTLE heats up as states begin to exercise their authority over the federal beast.

8. We can cut billion$ from our debt by getting out of the UNITED NATIONS.

9. If the U.N. is so wonderful, why are we STILL HAVING WARS?

10.  How much power has the federal governmtent STOLEN from the states and people?


1.  NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUN - Exploding myths about guns and crime.

2.  GUN CONTROLS and Hitler's near conquest of Europe.

3. The SWISS MILITIA kept them neutral during WWII.

4. THE SWISS MILITIA - A Model For America.

5.  GUN CONTROLS: A Historical reminder.


1.   America's Trojan Horse - The entire area around Washington, D.C. is a giant Trojan Horse, holding thousands of Socialists, Communists and other un-American and anti-American people.

2.   It's time to end un-questioned "tolerance" toward our enemies - It is time to forget the niceties, stop humanizing our would-be enemies and realize we are at war. It’s time we toss political correctness aside and call a spade a spade.

3.   Are we in danger of a Muslim takeover? THIS WILL GIVE YOU COLD CHILLS.

4.   The fox is guarding the hen-house - Janet Napolitano appoints 2 Muslims to Dept. of Homeland Security.

5.  ISLAM isn't what you think. Click HERE to see behind the hype.

6. Czars, czars, nothing but CZARS. What's with all the Obama Czars?

7. The White House used stealth tactics to create a NEW FEDERAL AGENCY designed to destroy our borders and bring us ever closer the New World Order.

8.  SLAP US AGAIN, JANET. Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Chief, has taken steps to open our borders to foreign "trusted travelers" while simultaneously putting American citizens through embarrassing and unconstitutional virtual strip searches and invasive gropes - even while travelling internally inside our own country.

9. Which dictatorship would you like to live under? Click HERE if the answer is none.

10.  Four questions that OBAMA must respond to.

11.  Obamacare, which is nothing but socialized medicine, is not living up to its hype. It is EVEN WORSE than we feared.

12.  Here's a word and a concept we need to hear and use more often - REPEAL ...

13. The question is, should Obama be IMPEACHED and removed from office?

14. Is this the smoking gun? Whistleblower signs affidavit alleging there is NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE for Obama anywhere in Hawaii.

15. Meet Obama's new Food Czar - perhaps the SCARIEST man in America (next to Obama of course.)

16. Obama administration and congress impose FOOD CONTROLS. Is this the beginning of American food wars?

17. Fighting back against food controls with a VICTORY GARDEN.

18. The issue of death panels just won't go away. Especially when Obama himself refers to them. Click HERE for details.

19. Another ASSAULT by the FDAs illegal, unconstitutional and immoral FOOD POLICE.

20. Government steps up FOOD AND WATER controls.

21. U.S.D.A. fines family $90,000 for selling bunnies as pets, WITHOUT A PERMIT.

22. Make your sheriff a hero. Read CAN SHERIFFS SAVE AMERICA?

23. Is America readying for a new REVOLUTIONARY WAR?

24.  Habeus Corpus and Posse Comitatus: THREATENED BY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

25.  Is the government lying about NORTHCOM (Northern Command)?

26.  Obama is NOT the U.S. President (Addendum)

27. Is Obama Gay or Bi-Sexual?

28.  More on Obama's GAY CONNECTIONS.

29. One sheriff has spoken out against the judicial system and says: IT IS TIME FOR CITIZENS TO ARM THEMSELVES.

30. New federal legislation would allow troops to arrest American citizens and charge them with terrorism. Read about this atrocity HERE.

31. Activist Iranian Judge rules in favor of Obama - claims he is native born. See Score Iran 1 - U.S. zero.

32.  Michelle Obama's $10 million vacation package. Talk about abuse of power.

33.  Leon Panetta should be fired, then tried for sedition and treason.

34.  White House wasteful spending on vacations continues as First Daughter takes 12 friends on Spring Break in Mexico.

35.  The Ant and the Grasshopper - a modern day fable.

36.  Election 2012 will decide whether we keep our REPUBLIC or select a DICTATORSHIP.


1. The Main Stream Media (MSM) sold us out nearly 100 years ago and has worked against the Amearican People ever since.

2.  Closing the books on the WORST CONGRESS EVER. Washington Post editorial worth reading.

3.  Read these quotes and WEEP, AMERICA!

4. If you think Communism died with the fall of the Berlin Wall - think again. Communism is alive and thriving under the banners of socialism, progressivism and liberalism. The entire radical "green" movement is highly influenced by communist thought. In 1963, 45 GOALS OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY were entered into the U.S. Congressional Record. Read them and see for yourself if communism is dead. WAKE UP AMERICA !!!

5. Open PROOF of a one-world conspiracy to kill-off most of the world’s population. Read about the Georgia Guidestones here.

6.  Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is a supporter of Sharia Law and wants to implement it in American courts - despite her oath of office. Read about this activist judge HERE.

7.  TREASON and SEDITION in the name of job creation.

8.  The Federally-controlled Police State is closer than you think. Click HERE for chilling details.


1.  VIDEO - American Hero

2.  All gave some, SOME GAVE ALL. A small tribute to the bravery of a few Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.

3.  Founders quotes on the dangers of a STANDING ARMY and the need for a MILITIA.

4. A small bit of American history with a REAL KICK at the end. Read about our presidents and their military service HERE.


Our great Republic, our nation, America The Beautiful, is in deep trouble. Many of our representatives in Congress have turned against us as evidenced by the fact that about 81 members of Congress belong to the “Congressional Progressive Caucus.” The name is only a slick marketing trick to hide their socialist agenda. The CPC constitutes the largest voting bloc of Democrats in the House of Representatives today.

This group of 81 representatives and senators has deep and long-standing ties to the socialist movement in America and is presently pushing its Marxist agenda into legislation, strategically dismantling the constitution in the process.

“In more recent years, the Congressional Progressive Caucus has gone underground in respect to their connection to the Democratic Socialists of America. Their roster is no longer published on the DSA website and they no longer publicly acknowledge their loyalty to the socialist organization.”
– Jeremiahproject.com

The most recent example of pushing this Marxist agenda into legislation is the passing of the so-called health care reform bill. CPC members pushed this bill, nurtured it and rammed it down our throats through parliamentary trickery in the dark of night… not to reform health care, but rather, to transform the United States into a socialist country.

The foundation of our Republic is the Constitution and that document and the principles for which it stands are in enormous danger. Nowhere in the Constitution is health care mentioned. According to the 10th Amendment, any powers not specifically granted to the federal government by the states, is reserved for the states or the people respectively. That means, quite simply, that if a particular state wants to use state funds to provide health care for its citizens, it can. But the federal government is forbidden due to the 10th Amendment.

Spearheaded by members of the CPC and President Obama, himself a former member of the caucus, are nearly constant attacks on the First and Second Amendments. The 16th and 17th Amendments need to be repealed and the Federal Reserve must be stripped of its power to regulate our money supply. We must end our membership in and financial support of the United Nations. We must bring our troops home and stop being the policeman of the world.

Americans are being illegally strip-searched at airports and now the Department of Homeland Security wants to take a DNA swab from travellers without a warrant. We are rapidly becoming a police-state. The federal government refuses to protect our borders and is, in fact, working to throw them even wider open. If you continue to believe that the illegal alien invasion is the biggest threat to America, you will never understand that there is something far more dangerous to our country called the "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" (SPP).

There are several ways loyal, patriotic Americans can resist and even overthrow this cabal of socialist Marxists but the way won’t be easy. As we are all witnessing in Wisconsin with the so-called teacher’s strike, once in power the socialists will fight to retain their power and stranglehold on our nation.

Not the least of those troubles comes from Americans not understanding our system of government. How can they when most of our elected officials and media types refer to America as a Democracy?

We do not live in a Democracy, even though our so-called leaders wish we did. We live in a Republic; as in “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands…”

In a nutshell, a Republic is a government ruled by law and a Democracy is “majority rules.” Traditionally, a Democracy is a very unstable form of government while a Republic is much more stable. Benjamin Franklin once said: "Democracy is two Wolves and a Lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed Lamb contesting the vote!"

Before we can hope to SAVE OUR REPUBLIC we must all understand one thing. Those who live in America and seek to change our system of government to socialism HATE US. We have probably all heard at one time or another, comments to the effect, "If they are not happy here, why don't they move to Cuba or Russia?" or "The Muslims already have a country. Why don't they just go back rather than try to impose Sharia Law on us?" I'll say it again - THEY HATE US. They want to drag us into a One World system of government. THEY HATE US, THEY WANT TO DESTROY US. They have declared war on us and its time we fought back.